How To Search For A Developer Job Abroad

Many millions of people dream of flying the coop and spending time working abroad.

The opportunity to work abroad is a popular prospect, one undimmed by the years of restriction due to the pandemic and made only more accessible thanks to hybrid working and the rise of the digital native.

However, despite the still-growing desire to work abroad, many people — including professionals in the IT sphere — don’t know where to start. With that in mind, I wanted to write the ultimate guide for finding international employment opportunities.

The article primarily aims at seasoned developers, focusing on where to look for jobs, how to apply, and how to prepare a resume to get called for interviews. I will explore the dos and don’ts during international job interviews and hopefully provide the right sort of advice that should be able to help any IT professional, at any stage of their career, be able to seek out career options abroad.

So, let’s dive in!

How To Prepare Your Resume For Getting A Developer Job Abroad #

Let’s start with the basics — your resume.

The critical thing to remember about creating a resume for an international employer is the relevance and flexibility of skills to match your target company’s needs and their specific market.

While there are some hard and fast rules to resume writing that apply no matter where you’re sending an application, your resume needs to be tailored to your new market. This is where a little research goes a long way.

I’ll give you an example: In Malaysia, it’s considered good practice to include your personal details like marital status or date of birth on your resume. However, in other markets, these sorts of details (especially around age, sex, or marital status) are unnecessary or, in some cases, considered inappropriate.

So choose the information you share wisely! Your resume has to reflect your desire to relocate to your chosen market/region, it has to be hyper-personalized in approach, and it needs to sound like you’re passionate about your work.


  • Depending on your skill set and experience, the details in a developer resume will vary, but I stand by my rule of not making a resume more than 2 pages.
  • Your resume should be formatted in a simple, easy-to-read font (Lato, Merriweather, or Helvetica, for example).
  • You should also include succinct summaries in sections like About Me or Key Achievements. Keep it short, keep it direct, and don’t repeat information.


  • Instead of giving generic lists of tasks/duties/responsibilities, I advise you to clearly communicate your achievements and accomplishments, with statistics to back them up. This will help you stand out from other applicants.

For example, if you helped develop an app, make sure you include a variety of proven KPI deliverables, such as engagement KPI metrics, UX KPI metrics, and revenue metrics, rather than just a final product showcase:

Developed a social sharing feature using Android Studio, which increased downloads by 150% in the first three months.


  • Use strong action verbs, such as built, led, deployed, reduced, developed, automated, managed, re-architected, implemented, designed, overhauled, and so on to describe your experience/accomplishments. They will bring a confident tone to your resume.
  • Use industry-specific adjectives like scalablefault-tolerantmulti-threaded, and robust (to name a few) to highlight your expertise.


  • Tailoring doesn’t mean changing every line of your resume. It means adapting the direction and desire of your resume for a specific employer and their market.
  • Tailoring your application can take many forms: you can write a personalized cover letter, adapt your introductory paragraph to reflect your desire to work at a specific company, add specific terminology used in the job listing you’re applying for, or angle your achievements to the market and needs of a particular employer. It shows you’ve done your research and are willing and able to adapt your skill set to the needs of an employer abroad.

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